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1) There is no perfect nose: Every rhinoplasty or rhinoseptoplasty has some “but” or some small imperfection.

2) You will appear somewhat expressionless or rigid the first postoperative days: Count on wearing a plaster splint over the nose and plugs (in our case the first night, removing them before discharge). Everything is temporary.

3) You will not be able to wear glasses during the first 6 weeks after rhinoplasty: So that marks do not originate on the nasal bridge.

4) It is very possible that you will not feel a lot of pain after the operation: especially if you follow the medication guide well. However, you may be somewhat tired, and you may feel more dizzy than usual.

5) You will breathe worse during the first months: due to the inflammation inside the nose. Breathing will improve little by little in the following months.

6) Many people will not notice that you have had surgery: especially if you are well operated. Well done cosmetic surgery is one that is not obvious to everyone’s eyes.

7) It is very possible that your tone of voice is somewhat “nasal” for weeks, similar to when we have a cold.

8) When the plaster splint is removed, and the new nose is “exposed”, you may experience a first somewhat uncomfortable or disturbing sensation with your new image. It is very early and the nose, cheekbones, eyelids, etc. They are inflamed, and you may not “fit” everything right. On the other hand, although the nose is much improved, you have to bear in mind that you have been used to something else all your life, and the change can cost a bit. Immediately and as the facial inflammation decreases, everything settles down, and the degree of satisfaction progressively increases, to the point that you quickly forget exactly what the previous nose was like.

9) The definitive result of a rhinoplasty is seen at 12-18 months: it is essential not to languish in front of the mirror at the beginning expecting great changes since it is a gradual process that lasts at least one year during which the nose is settling and gaining naturalness. It is recommended that you have a rhinoplasty specialist in south Florida perform your surgery for best results.

10) It is very important to be physically and psychologically strong and stable before the procedure, as well as to get a good supply of things that make your life easier, especially during the first weeks.

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