Follow These Recommendations Before, During And After Rhinoplasty To Make Your Operation A Success

Maintain Permanent And Transparent Communication With The Surgeon.

Maintaining permanent and transparent communication with the surgeon will allow you not only to resolve any doubts you may have beforehand or those that may arise during the process but also to be clear about the risks, side effects and possible complications after the operation. Being able to evaluate all the information provided by the medical team will allow you to face the operation with the maximum possible peace of mind. Knowing the pros and cons before surgery is important.

On the other hand, it is also essential that you inform your surgeon of any disease that you have suffered or suffer from, allergies, symptoms or medications that you are taking.

Do Not Smoke For At Least 15 Days Prior To The Operation.

When can you start smoking again after the operation? The medical recommendation is that you do not smoke until six weeks after the intervention. Smoking before these six weeks could make healing difficult and cause more inflammation in the intervened area.

The Day Before The Operation, No Alcohol, No Heavy Meals.

Consuming alcohol is also discouraged during the week before the nose plastic surgery operation, but, above all, you should not drink alcohol during the day before the operation. Alcohol increases the risk of bleeding during and after the operation.

Its consumption is also discouraged after the operation, at least for the next two weeks. Alcohol interferes with the effectiveness of the medications that we must take after the intervention and, in the case of rhinoplasty, it can further dry out the skin and increase swelling. Heavy meals are also discouraged before the operation.

Fast For 8 Hours Prior To The Intervention.

As in any intervention, be it aesthetic or not, you must maintain a fast for the eight hours prior to the intervention. In addition, the previous days it is recommended that you do not eat copious and heavy meals. A light and balanced diet will be the most appropriate.